Faculty Seminar


Women and gender have emerged as primary sites of contention for adjudicating the relation of rights and religion, for both secularist and religiously identified actors. Some argue that secular human rights is the necessary vehicle for women’s emancipation and protection from violence; others claim the imperial imperatives of rights advocates run roughshod over local cultures, privilegeing western modalities of self and society. The Luce Faculty Seminar aims to provide the intellectual space and cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural conversations that are needed to explore these deeply contentious issues. It does not privilege any one interpretive angle but explores a series of interlocking issues and questions through readings, seminar discussions, and presentations and conversations with practitioners and scholars from the United States and abroad.  


Madelaine Adelman Associate Professor of Justice and Social Inquiry
Linell Cady Director of the Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict and Dean's Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies
Portrait of John Carlson, member of the project team John Carlson Associate Director and Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Roxanne Doty Associate Professor of Political Science
Alesha Durfee Associate Professor of Women and Gender Studies
Tracy Fessenden Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Stanlie James Director and Professor of African and African American Studies
Sally Kitch Director of the Institute for Humanities Research and Regents' Professor of Women and Gender Studies
Miki Kittilson Associate Professor of Political Science
Mary Margaret Fonow Director of the School of Social Transformation and Professor/Head Faculty of Women and Gender Studies
Joan McGregor Professor of Philosophy
Daniel Rothenberg Professor of Practice and Executive Director, Center for Law and Global Affairs
Yasmin Saikia Hardt-Nickachos Chair in Peace Studies and Professor of History
Shahla Talebi Associate Professor
George Thomas Professor of Global Studies
Rebecca Tsosie Professor of Law, Willard H. Pedrick Distinguished Research Scholar, and Affiliate Professor of American Indian Studies
Carolyn Warner Professor and Head of Faculty of Political Science
Reed Wood Associate Professor